These are some models I've built for playing BrikWars games.

This is one of the first images I ever created in POV Ray. This model was inspired by Adrian Drake's Dragoon.

I built the model in the real world first and then modelled it in MLCad. I used L3PAO & L3P to generate the POV source. I then tweaked the source to get the effects I wanted. I added the Sapphire_Agate pigment to a floor generated by L3P. I also added a sky_sphere. The cloud effect was taken from one of the tutorials I read.

These were also built for a BrikWars game. The pieces I had on hand limited me to the two grey and one red mech. I varied the guns to justify the different colors.

These were modelled much the same as the Spider above. I used a Mirror finish to create the chrome effect.

This mech was one of the first models I designed in MLCad before building in real life. It worked rather well. I think I may have needed to tweak the placement of the pop-up gun's hinge mechanism. But, otherwise it translated rather well from the MLCad model. This model has also BrikWars action.

The first two images were generated much like the previous several. The last was generated by reducing the ambient light and lowering the intensity of the light sources. The glowing lightsaber effect was created by adding a finish to the pieced with a very high ambient value.

I built this mech while fiddling with the 4x4 round brick. The red dots on the belly are plasma torches.

The first image was just trying to see what chrome colors on LEGO pieces looked like. The second image is one of my favorite thus far. The basic image was composed just like the others above. The tricky part was putting the moon in the background. I also added a starfield effect to the sky_sphere. This was also copied from a tutorial somewhere.

The moon is a sphere in the distance with an image of the moon mapped onto its surface. It took a lot of tweaking to get it to look right. I wasn't sure how to get the clouds to fall in front of the moon, so I just arranged it to ensure no clouds were overlapping the moon. I'll probably try to improve how I do clouds to allow this to be done better some time.

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